With over 20 years experience in the domestic / residential market S.Clift Building Contractors can assist with all types of domestic requirements, new builds, extensions, refurbishments. We also offer any type of property repair or maintenance.

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Ankush Kumar – Newcross Motors

“Working with S.Clift builders has given me so much confidence in our development project. Having a project manager taking us through each and every step of the development has meant that we have been able to learn so much and it has already inspired me to start planning my next development. Picking the right builders to bring my visions to a reality was a paramount process for us being as this is our first ever development project. Going back, I wouldn’t have chosen any other contractor to get the job done”.

“We run our Automotive business, Newcross Motor Company at a high standard, and have worked hard to build a great client base, were very excited for our customers to see the final product. As a small/medium sized business, my vision was to aim big, being passionate about automotive, I want my business to have a “dealership showroom effect” when our customer visits us for their vehicle repairs and services. Thanks to excellent workmanship from S Clift builders, were confident can deliver exactly what we have planned.  Once the project is complete, we plan to host and open day and a relaunch of the business to show the amazing new build on our business premises. This includes a brand-new repair bay to join our existing building, this is dedicated to get vehicle repair jobs in and out as efficiently as possible. Inside currently being built is our huge waiting lounge and reception area. Within this we will have a spacious area for our customers to wait whilst their vehicles are being repaired with us. We haven’t forgotten about our staff either, in our designs we are building new staff offices, staff kitchen and toilets. We also have generous office space upstairs on the 1st floor which is perfect for further expansion of our business”.

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