Refurbishment of Goscote Day Centre

Goscote is developing as a community resource as well as offering opportunities to people with disabilities; during a recent refurbishment of the establishment CLIFTS were contracted to carry out a lot of the work.

We found all of the work completed by CLIFTS was done to a high standard, they worked efficiently and ensured the area was left tidy and safe, they were also sensitive to the needs of the service users and considered the pre planning and consulting with individuals on the site to make sure the least amount of disruption was experienced.

All of CLIFTS workforce interacted well with the people that use Goscote, because of this it provided for some of them an insight into some of the difficulties service users experienced, so were able to advise on a different range of materials that would suit the environment more so than standard materials.

Jacqui Wilmot – Centre Manager Goscote

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